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About the Malta

Not far from the centre, in the eastern part of the city, there are favourite recreation areas of the Poznań residents. At their core is Malta Lake, an artificial reservoir created in 1952 as a result of damming of the Cybina River. The popular Malta owes its name to the former owners of the land – the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. For centuries, the order, famous throughout Europe for providing medical care for the ill, was headquartered on the sunny island of Malta. Therefore, the noble knights – Hospitallers, were later frequently referred to as the Knights of Malta; the name of the lake and its surrounding leisure areas was directly coined from the fabulous island in the Mediterranean…

It is worth noting that, in imitation of its Mediterranean counterpart, the Poznań Malta is also a place where tradition and history exist in complete symbiosis with nature. Rich environmental assets, charming corners, various catering services and professionally prepared technical infrastructure for all sorts of sports comprise this exceptionally diversified offer of active relaxation and recreation aimed at different groups of locals and tourists. Every day this “island” located in the centre of a busy metropolis attracts people who enjoy active leisure (cyclists, water sports fans) and those who are looking for a place to rest…


Poznańskie Ośrodki Sportu i Rekreacji
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