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History of the Regatta Course

The history of the regatta course in Malta Lake dates back to 1917, when a contest was announced by a group of Poznań patriots for a youth sports centre. The areas near Malta Lake were not chosen by accident – it was there where the Poznań youth gathered during the Prussian occupation to do different sports under the supervision of the “Sokół” instructors. Unfortunately, it took nearly 35 years to see the project implemented. In 1952, Malta hosted a large international rowing and canoeing regatta, held as part of the Festival of Youth and Students.

The facility gained recognition instantaneously, mainly due to its unique, almost ideal location – the regatta basin is situated almost in the city centre at the edge of vast green areas. Numerous hotels and academic dorms provide differentiated standards of accommodation and catering, and Poznań, as a city of traditional international exhibitions, has excellent transport links to the whole of Europe and the world.

As at some point the regatta course ceased to meet international standards for rowing and canoeing, between 1981 and 1990 it was comprehensively modernised, including dredging of the whole lake and building new facilities of the course services. The modernisation was carried out thanks to the determination of a handful of activists with Andrzej Wituski, mayor of Poznań at that time in the lead. The intentions were implemented based on the conceptual idea, designs and under supervision of a former competitor – rower of the Academic Sports Association in Poznań – architect Klemens Mikuła. More than ten years of experience of the professional rower, who competed on different courses and in different conditions, is reflected in the functionalities and equipment of the rooms used by competitors, referees, and course service people. Therefore, it is not surprising that the facility today is not just beautiful but also very functional.

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