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Game Technique

There are two basic types of throws:

  • pointing – a throw when a player tries to place the ball as close as possible to the jack,
  • shooting – a throw aimed at striking out the opponent’s ball or balls.

Three pointing techniques are:

  • rolling – as the name indicates, it takes place when the ball lands on the ground near the thrower and rolls towards the jack; the technique is used on a very smooth ground,
  • lob – the most frequent throw where the ball is thrown in a gentle arc and lands more or less in the middle between the thrower and the jack and later rolls towards the target,
  • high lob – is a throw where the ball is thrown very high and lands in the immediate vicinity of the jack and, when performed perfectly, rolls very little or virtually stays where it fell. This technique is difficult to master but is very efficient as it allows to safely pass the opponent’s balls blocking the way to the jack and terrain obstacles.

The above techniques are applied depending on the terrain conditions and the situation in the playground.

Two types of shooting are:

  • shooting through the air (French: tir au fer – to shoot the iron) – i.e. directly into the ball is the most common type of shot. The technique is not only effective, as terrain obstacles, such as stones, do not affect its course, but also very impressive, and the hit is usually applauded by the spectators. What shooters aim at is the highest possible number of the carreau, i.e. shots where the ball not only kicks the opponent’s ball away but also takes its exact position.
  • shooting along smooth ground (French: tir a la rafle – to shoot at the edge) – is not used so frequently and mainly by beginner shooters. Not only is it not so impressive, as the stones may change the course of the thrown ball, but is also treated with some contempt by experienced players. This attitude probably originates from the elder sister of petanque, a game where such shots were forbidden.
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