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Challenge Poznań – triathlon family in the heart of Wielkopolska

It is the fifth edition of the Poznań event and the third edition under the international Challenge Family brand. Representatives of 38 countries – Singapore and Israel to name just two – are coming to our city to compete on nearly all triathlon distances: from sprint to the Royal long distance of 226 km – i.e.: 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling and 42.2 km of running. The triathletes will compete for the Poznań City Mayor Cup over the distance of 56.5 km.  The competition will be preceded by the Junior Poznań Triathlon and the popular Chocolate Run – this time it will take place on the route where the triathletes are to compete on weekend, namely on Poznań Malta.

Challenge Poznań returns primarily to the area of Malta Lake. ‘With this change, the athletes, their families and fans will have access to the starting line and the finishing line virtually in one place,’ said Wojciech Kruczyński, President of End Sport and the competition manager. ‘Also, near Malta there will be several fan zones by the stands and along the run route; we want the audience to create a unique atmosphere of the event and hear their cheers reaching the finishing line,’ added Kruczyński. A special zone for the audience will be set up, where everyone will be able to spend time actively, learn more about triathlon, or enjoy delicious food served during the food truck festival.

Challenge Poznań is primarily a great celebration of sports under the auspices of the Polish Olympic Committee.  For this year’s competition, a large group of over 500 triathletes from the furthest corners of the world will come to Poznań. Furthermore, on the ¼ distance (950 m of swimming, 45 km of cycling and 10.5 km of running) the Poznań City Mayor Cup will be held. The queen of the Polish triathlon, Agnieszka Jerzyk, has already announced her participation.  Also, Kacper Adam and several other top triathletes will participate in the competition. The pool of awards on this distance is EUR 8,000.

The idea behind organising the race in Poznań is surely all about creating family-friendly, picnic atmosphere.  It is meant to be a huge sports festival – one that would promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle among city residents and tourists. This is the reason behind all the accompanying events, e.g. triathlon for kids  or the Chocolate Run . A large triathlon village will be built by Malta Lake, with many attractions for the fans. In the Expo zone, the Microsoft multimedia centre will be established, while on Malta Lake – a flyboarding school.  There is no better occasion to replace all the burnt calories than the food truck festival held at Malta. ‘From Friday to Sunday, we will have dozens of attractions for Poznań residents and guests; we invite you to support triathletes, eat a delicious meal and simply relax,’ says Aleksander Rosa, spokesperson for the event.   

The representatives of the co-organiser, i.e. the City of Poznań, are also very happy about the immense size of the triathlon event. ’We are pleased that this weekend Poznań is to become the triathlon capital city of Poland. Having such a beautiful area as Malta, we are simply a perfect candidate for thatI would like to invite all Poznań residents to come and give cheers to our athletes,’ said Ewa Bąk, PhD, Manager of the Sports Department at Poznań University of Medical Science.

 Festivities for everyone

During Challenge Poznań 2017 the participants will compete on four distances – sprint, 56.5 km, 112.95 km and the full distance. The capital city of Wielkopolska is an ideal place for both triathlon beginners and for seasoned athletes who treat this event as the pinnacle of the season. It is that very diversity that makes Poznań a triathlon centre of Europe.

Traffic disruptions

This year’s edition of the triathlon event will cause fewer traffic problems than last year. Only the bike section – on Warszawska Street in the direction of Kostrzyn – will be closed for traffic during specific hours. A special hotline will be organised to provide information about traffic disruptions, while on www.challenge-poznan.pl a precise map of the route is available along with times of street closures. Feel free to visit the event website and learn more about the cycling route. On the weekend of 24-25 June, certain public transport timetables will be changed. You can find more information here

More information about the event is available on: http://challenge-poznan.pl/

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