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Żywiec Miejskie Granie – music festival on Malta Music Stage 2016

Żywiec Miejskie Granie 2016
It was the second season with the Żywiec Miejskie Granie cycle taking place in Poznań. As the year before, the most popular musicians in the country appeared on the Malta Music Stage. Wojciech Waglewski with Voo opened this beautiful event at the beginning of July. In the same month, the floating stage hosted also: Lipali, Czesław Śpiewa, Taco Hemingway, and Mikromusic. August began with a bang in the form of Organek’s performance, followed by music performances by Kortez, Fismoll, and Rasmentalism. “It was a fantastic summer, full of unforgettable music,” reminisces Zbigniew Madoński, Head of Poznań Sports and Recreation Centres. “We are happy with the turnout at the concerts and by the fact how amazingly young people can enjoy themselves,” he adds.

Record-breaking season
This year’s music festival broke two records – the duration of a Malta concert and the attendance. The first one, as of 8 July, is held by the Lipali band – they spent 2.5h on the Malta Stage, despite a short rain. The largest audience showed up for Taco Hemingway, whose concert attracted fans from all over the country. Music meetings with Organek and Kortez also attracted much attention. Other concerts were only slightly less packed than the most frequented ones. The whole cycle brought in nearly three times as many fans as in the previous year.



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Miejskie Granie

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